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Private English Tutoring Services

Materials: (textbooks, exercises, etc.)

        For all skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening, we use a lot of materials that are freely available online, and/or I write original material designed just for you, and/or we just talk naturally to see what you have to say. Once your needs are established, I would be happy to devise a plan (specific syllabus) if you prefer.

     Due to the time demands of your schedule, you may prefer a more flexible organization. You can schedule lessons regularly or just once in a while. Regular students also have the benefit of free "Answers Anytime" which means you can contact me with questions through the Skype chat box at any time and receive a response at the earliest possibility.

      It is best to work with papers you are writing for real-life purposes, but we can also work with writing curriculum. If you prefer a specific plan, for example a weekly assignment with a text for academic writing, then I will provide a complete syllabus and recommend a book, such as the following by Keith Folse:

      Great Paragraphs     ISBN-10: 1424051002

or  Greater Essays          ISBN-10: 142406211X

Time: My time zone is Pacific Standard Time (PST) GMT-8.  I'm in San Jose, California.

     It is best to check the World Meeting Planner to compare the times across different time zones: timeanddate.com/worldclock/meeting.html


       Contact me and I will share my Google calendar with you. You will be able to add your own appointments at your convenience. The Calendar will always show appointments according to your local time.


Tools: I usually use Skype, which you need download to your computer (for free). This tool gives us a clear audio connection, plus it keeps a record of the exact time that we are connected and a complete log of any chatting texts in our conversations. There is even a possibility of recording the entire session through Skype options. For scheduling, I use Google calendar. Another useful tool is Google docs, where we can share documents and see any changes made within seconds. In addition, I often build a webpage for each individual to help keep track of the material covered and the websites visited. All of these tools are free, so they don't incur any additional costs to either of us. We can also use Zoom, Google Hangouts,  Overleaf, or any other tools you recommend.

2020 Rates: starting at $50/hour (USD).

           I ask for tuition after the first lesson. Prepayment is not required. For regular students, I usually send an invoice at the end of the month.

      Feel free to chat with me on Skype (Lizzcap) to talk about schedules or other issues you might have. I only charge for the time we are connected by audio, so simple text chatting is free.

     NOTE: For parents or child guardians, who are inquiring about lessons for children and wish to speak with me first, I offer brief audio connections at no charge (by appointment or anytime).


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Please check out these free resources:

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