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Online English Writing Tutor

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Lizz Caplan-Carbin, Ph.D.

Second Language Acquisition, Curriculum, and Instructional Technology

English native speaker (American)

Fluent in German and French


Online English Writing Tutor

Who I am

My research specialties include:

  • Foreign Language Pedagogy and Curriculum
  • Computer Animated Grammar and Interactive Audio/Visual Display
  • Online Foreign Language Instruction and Acquisition

My teaching specialties include:

  • English Writing (professional, academic)
  • English Conversation (business, social)
  • Children's English (introductory, academic)
  • Senior's English
  • Beginning through Advanced German
Hear this spoken

Hear this spoken

My understanding of the English language comes from two directions of study: synchronic and diachronic; synchronic means across the current landscape while diachronic means historically, with a view to the changes that occur over time.


I am originally from St. Louis, Missouri -- one of the oldest, American cities, situated at the biggest bend of the mighty Mississippi river. My native language is Mid-Western, American English. St. Louis was once considered an "accent-free" city, or the place where "broadcasters' English" was spoken. I have also lived in two small towns in Missouri where rural "dialects" were spoken, full of colorful idioms and expressions.


Altogether, I have lived in ten different American states: California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington state. I have also traveled to six different English-speaking countries: Canada, England, Ireland, Jamaica, South Africa, and Wales.


As a student of theater (BA '79), I have studied English accents, dialects and idioms, with the aim of imitation and character portrayal. As a teacher of Germanic languages (MA '89), I have learned the historic structures and evolution of English - how it came to be and what is happening to it now. As a doctor of Second Language Acquisition (Ph.D. '02), I have studied language learning theories and researched teaching methodologies and learning techniques.